Princess Poem

Making your Party Princess-Perfect

A little girl, a great big cake,
And what else to make this the perfect date?
Some dancing tunes, and big balloons,
And maybe something Mother baked!

Yet still the party’s not complete.
It’s missing something magnefique!
With a great big wish, ready to shine,
She closes her eyes, and says a quick rhyme.

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door,
There she is!  A princess!  And fun galore!

The little girl stands, amazed to see
This real live princess whose beautiful as can be!
Then the princess kneels down to see
The little girl that she used to be.

The princess reaches for a small crown
Which goes just perfect with the little girl’s gown.
From here on out the party’s a huge success.
The princess razzles and dazzles all the little girl’s guests.

But most of all she’s sweet and kind,
And deep inside the little girl’s mind
She knows that dreams really do come true
And there’s a princess alive right inside of her too!

She’ll never forget this magical day.

Her princess inside is here to stay!

           Poem by Laura Owen